Manchester Tank & Equipment Co.Refrigeration Gas Cylinders

Manchester Tank – Australia is a proud manufacturer of high pressure cylinders specifically designed for the storage and handling of refrigeration gases.

Our Australian made cylinders are manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards AS2469/AS2470 and are powder coated white to a Class 2 finish.

Cylinders can be purchased either valved or plugged.

The 5.2 MPa cylinders are available in two standard valve configurations:

Dual Handles with a Single Outlet
Dual Handles with Dual Outlets

Cylinders can be colour coded for specific gas contents and to comply with AS4484 – Gas cylinders for industrial, scientific, medical and refrigerant use – Labelling and colour coding. (Minimum order quantities apply).

For further information including current prices, please email our Customer Service Administrator, Raelene Callander at or call Manchester Tank on (03) 54820500.

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