Manchester Tank & Equipment Co.Warranty Policy




Name: Manchester Tank & Equipment Pty Ltd.

ABN: 29 153 749 252

Company Address: 21 McMillan Road, Echuca. VIC 3564.

Company Telephone: 1800 335 383

Company Email:


The warranty period shall commence from the date of delivery to the customer.

Any variation to this period must be agreed to by Manchester Tank and Equipment Pty Ltd in writing.


Weld Leaks – 10 Years from date of delivery.

Thread & Gasket leaks – 1 Year from date of delivery.

Defective Gauges and Valves – 1 Year from date of delivery as per valve manufacturer’s warranty.

Cylinder Coating (Paint / Powder Coat) – 1 Year from date of delivery*.

Cylinder Coating (Galvanised) – 3 Years from date of delivery*.

* Cylinder coating warranty is subject to environmental influences.


This warranty does not cover damage resulting from abuse, misuse, negligence or accident; nor from problems resulting from failure to comply with all applicable
state and local laws and regulations.

This warranty does not cover problems caused, in whole or in part, by alteration or modification to the product.

This warranty is also exclusive of damage caused during installation, shipping or handling. Any damage to packaging materials or products should be noted
on receiving paperwork before the customer accepts the product. Product contained in damaged packaging should be inspected for damage immediately to
avoid confusion as to the cause of and responsibility for the damaged product. All damage is to be reported to Manchester Tank within 7 days of receipt
of goods. For credit to be received, the original packaging material must be returned with the product unless authorisation to deviate from these instructions
is obtained in advance.

This warranty is intended to cover parts and labour required for repair of any defective cylinders but does not include or cover transportation to and
from service locations, loss of time, inconvenience, commercial loss, loss of use, incidental charges, or other consequential damages.

Warranty coverage is contingent upon compliance with Manchester Tank & Equipment Pty Ltd terms and conditions.

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