Manchester Tank & Equipment Co.Health and Safety

Environmental Health & Safety

Manchester Tank are committed to the protection of the environment, the public and the health and safety of all our employees.

We strive to meet and exceed all government laws and regulations 100% of the time.

We place priority on in-house audits, employee training, and improvement through our Environmental &
Safety Management System, Standard Operating Procedures and manufacturing processes to minimize impact from our operations.

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Contractor Induction

Manchester Tank & Equipment Pty Ltd is committed to providing all contractors with an environment that is without risk to health
and safety as far as is reasonably practicable. Health and safety ranks equally with all other aspects of Manchester Tank &
Equipment’s operations and shall form an integral part of all activities undertaken.

As part of our continuing commitment to health and safety at Manchester Tank & Equipment, we have introduced an on-line contractor
induction program. This induction program is an integral part of our contractor management system to ensure the health and
safety of our contractors and employees, to prevent injury, and help fulfill health and safety obligations.

All of our contractors must go through an induction process to be permitted on site. You may complete this induction on-line by
clicking the link below:

Online Manchester Tank Induction

Transport Delivery Driver - Site Induction

The management of traffic is essential to providing a safe workplace. Vehicles and mobile plant, moving in and around the site
have the potential to cause serious injuries and even fatalities.

Reversing, loading, unloading and pedestrian movement are the activities most frequently linked with workplace vehicle accidents.

As part of our continued commitment to Work Health and Safety at Manchester Tank and to ensure the safety of our employees and
yourselves, all transport delivery drivers are required to complete an annual induction program.

You may complete the on-line induction by clicking on the link below:

Online Transport Delivery Driver Induction

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